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A long time ago I wrote this fic and I didn't know if I liked it very much but it's just been sitting in my computer gathering dust. nijibug suggested I post it here, so that's what I'm doing.

Title: The Guitar's Serenade (because I'm soo creative guys)
Summary: An idea I had on how Klavier and Daryan might have met.
Rating: G I suppose... It's gen-fic, pretty mild.

He was tall and lean and looked to be about Klavier’s age… nothing that would have usually caught Klavier’s attention, were it not for the way he played that instrument.Collapse )


Cosplay Journal [Updated Continually]

So I can keep what I've done and what I want to do in some sort of order.

Click for the listCollapse )

Future Cosplays

The Disciple (Homestuck)
Why: Because I think I could pull it off
Difficulty: High (wig, horns); also very expensive
When: Youmacon 201?

Spain- Matador (Axis Powers Hetalia)
Why: Because I've wanted to ever since I saw the design
Difficulty: High
When: Youmacon 201?

Colette Brunel (Tales of Symphonia)
Why: She's one of my favorite characters in this game
Difficulty: High
When: Youmacon 201?

Maya Fey (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney)
Why: Would be a lot of fun, pervasive but less-cosplayed fandom
Difficulty: High
When: After the Layton v Ace Attorney game comes out in the US (if ever)

Pre-Dullahan Celty (Durarara!!)
Why: Unique Durarara cosplay
Difficulty: High
When: Youmacon 201?

Katherine (Guardians of Childhood)
Why: Would be cute and unique, and I might have a Nightlight?
Difficulty: Medium
When: Youmacon 2013?

Fem!Kili (The Hobbit)
Why: As part of our genderbent Hobbit group (if it happens)
Difficulty: High
When: Youmacon 2013?

Flame Princess- original or some variation (Adventure Time)
Why: Would be fun and cute, especially if I had a Finn
Difficulty: Medium
When: Youmacon 2013?




Journal about nothing

Braaaaah, I really should be studying right now... for my History midterm, my Geosci final, my Italian test and my Dutch test. Not to mention writing that 3 page German paper. /dies

If you haven't done so yet, you guys should check out my pixiv translation community! It's all Hetalia right now, but in the future we will probably we delving into other fandoms as well.

I should probably get back to work. Sigh.


Iceland Cosplay Photos

I debuted my Iceland cosplay at the Michigan Winter Hetalia Meet yesterday, but this morning I woke up to so much snow that my roommate nijibug withheld my breakfast until I put my cosplay back on and went out to take some pictures. :3

Read more...Collapse )

For being such a last-minute cosplay, I think it came together quite well. (So glad I didn't have to buy contacts!)

Thank you all for viewing! I hope to have some photos with my entire Nordics group up soon. <3

Can I touch your haaaaaand?

Been a while since I posted an LJ journal! ... Or a dA journal, for that matter. Or dA art. Or... anything that wasn't a comment on someone else's post. >_>

I'm doing really well, though. :] Right now I'm watching Soul Eater and Baccano!, and playing Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. That game does a terrible job at telling you how to play it, but makes the characters so damn lovable that you're forced to play it over and over until you figure everything out. Also we failed at life and didn't realize there were a limited number of support convos until Ike ran out of them. T_T Good thing Ike and Soren are already all but married. More on it in here at my roommate's journal~ (I'm watching her play it as I type, actually. Our Oscar sucks omg)

Last night I had the Hetalia Cosplay Caravan- or some of it, anyway- over to dance, drink and watch Lord of the Rings. It was a bit chaotic, but that was expected, and it was fun nonetheless. <3 Plus my sister spent the night as well, which was nice because I haven't seen her in a while. She really wishes I were home... our parents fight more when I'm not around. :(

I actually pick the worst times to write journals, because soon I'm going with nijibug to see a theater group put on Aida. We're totally not seeing it solely because Egypt makes us think of Yugioh Abridged.

This week's journal title is taken from hiimdaisy's Persona 4 comic series. :> I've never actually played Persona, but I feel like it would be disappointing, because I don't want to play regular Persona, I want to play hiimdaisy's Persona. ;o;

Oh! I almost forgot~ I went to Youmacon 2010 and it was amazing. I cosplayed Yami Bakura, Pirate!Bakura (if you've seen LK's video you will understand), Succession!Spain, Asch (for like 30 minutes lol) and Ema Skye. A-and I hugged Little Kuriboh! *O* I also ran into Patrick Seitz in the elevator. I will probably post pictures in my next journal!

Now, off to shower and get ready for the show! Hm... to encourage you to comment, what's one thing you want to know about me? O:

Cosplay thoughts

Wanted to put this somewhere I wouldn't forget so I decided to post it~

I don't plan on cosplaying once I'm out of college, and I'm already done with my first year, but I would like to do more cosplays before my proverbial time is up. ^^ Unfortunately I don't have the money to buy or commission nor the skills to sew.

But nonetheless I'm going to make a list:

Asch the Bloody (Tales of the Abyss)
Pros: Overall good cosplay
Cons: I have to pretend to be angry all the time. xD Also the arm bands still don't fit perfectly. And it's really hot. Temperature-wise.

Spain- War of Austrian Succession (Axis Powers Hetalia)
Pros: I get an axe. Also, Hetalia fandom ftw.
Cons: I have to carry the axe. xD;; Also the coat is pretty hot, temperature-wise, as well.

Mello (Death Note)
Pros: Quick and easy cosplay, well-known but not often cosplayed
Cons: I'm not a huge fangirl of the series, and I have to pretend to be badass xD


Spain- Gakuen (Axis Powers Hetalia)
Have: Jacket, shirt (can acquire a tie)
Need: Pants (perhaps my friend Candace can lend me hers...?)

Maya Fey (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney)
Pros: It's a girl! Gasp. Also, it's a pretty simple outfit.
Cons: I really don't think I'd like to wear a dress. xD; Also, it's less impressive to people who don't know the character.

Ema Skye (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney)
Pros: Another girl! Her outfit is fun and not too hard to make, and I wouldn't need a wig.
Cons: I like Maya's character more.

Mion/Shion (Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni)
Pros: They're both girls; this also seems like a really fun series to cosplay for
Cons: I hate all their clothes. XD;

I was trying to think of a YuGiOh! cosplay as well, as dumb as that sounds- I can't help it, it's whatever I'm into at the moment, yanno?- but I feel like that might be hard to pull off. Anzu/Tea has my hair and eye color already but I don't like her clothes and her character seems kinda bland. I feel like it would be fun and easy to do Ryou but... I'm worried about that being the "Near/L" cosplay of the fandom. White wig+striped shirt+jacket+jeans, not very difficult to put together. Maybe as a casual cosplay though? I might have the face for it, at least more so than for any of the other characters.

What do you guys think? Any other suggestions on who I could cosplay? I'd love any feedback you have to offer!


Higurashi (When They Cry)

What time is it, you ask? Why, it’s time for Artemis’ latest fandom rambling, of course! : D

On the schedule for today: Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, seasons one and two! (Yes, I am aware that there is a third season (still in progress, I believe?) but the second ended on such a satisfying note that I’m not sure if I want to watch it. Maybe I’ll wait until it’s finished and hear what other people have to say…)

First off, I really thoroughly enjoyed this series. For those not in the know, Higurashi is a horror anime that revolves around a curse that haunts the rural village of Hinamizawa: mysterious deaths occur every year on the night of the Watanagashi festival. Season one focuses on a boy, Keiichi, who has recently moved to the village and quickly befriends a group of girls at the school there.  It all seems very light-hearted:  the girls are overly cute with endearing mannerisms, and generally it doesn’t seem very original. But in no time at all, the true chilling nature of the show makes itself known, and it quickly evolves into a psychological maze that keeps the viewer constantly on edge. There also aren’t really any characters I dislike.  Rena’s mom I guess, and Satoko’s uncle, and that mean orphanage guy… but as far as the others go… I don’t hate Ooishi-san.  I tried to.  I tried to dislike Takano, but I ended up pitying her instead.  I even tried to dislike Keiichi, in the hope that it would make it easier to get through the first season… but who am I kidding, I love Keiichi.  He’s like Lloyd Irving. <3

As far as the art goes, it’s very low-budget, and very shoujo- impossibly skinny girls, enormous eyes, the whole shebang, and there’s quite a bit of fanservice as far as cute little girls are concerned.  But this works to the animators’ advantage: once paranoia sets in, the cute, cheery faces can become distorted and unbelievably malevolent in the blink of an eye.  Higurashi’s art makes the little-girl-with-an-axe so much more than it already is.

Admittedly I didn’t pay a huge amount of attention to the background score over the course of the anime.  But the opening is STELLAR. Check it out:

It’s good stuff, one of my all-time fav openings (the opening to the second season is great too).  I think this is the first series ever where I watched the opening every single time.

And the voice acting is amazing. The seiyuu can switch between moe and psychotic so damn fast it sends chills up my spine. Especially Mion’s VA… especially when she laughs… it’s the stuff of nightmares. <3


I would highly recommend this series to anyone with the stomach for it. Yes, it’s gory, and there is a lot of blood and torture (although not as much as in, say, Elven Lied… a lot of the bashing and chopping takes place off screen in Higurashi). But it’s more than your average bloodfest. There is PLOT, delicious captivating PLOT, there is actually a reason behind everything, and the second season is much fluffier than the first. It’s also chock-full of dramatic friendship bonding moments… I’m such a sucker for those.

Also, be prepared for people to die. Again. And again. And again.

And now I will briefly reminisce over my favorite parts of the first two seasons for those who have seen them.  The ending of season one was so much love- it was also when I realized that I cared about the characters enough to be tired of seeing them die.  I also loved when, in the end of season two, Akasaka became Crouching Moron Hidden Badass.  I mean, he’s not a moron- I always liked him. But when he kicked ass against those guards… guh. *___* Same with Kasai in the clinic, when he assaulted the men with the gas masks.  So cool. *sniff*

I think I’ll end this journal now, because otherwise I’m likely to ramble on for another few hundred words or so.  You have to have a strong stomach for Higurashi, but if mystery and suspense/horror and friendship is your thing, I 100% recommend it.  :] 



So I'm in the child chorus and (probably) ensemble of the Phoenix Wright Musical.

Which is going to be official.

Official as in CAPCOM-APPROVED.

They're drafting a licensing agreement AS WE SPEAK.


I'll... go skip around some more now. Wah. <3

[Also I don't feel at all bad about not getting a named role. It would take a lot of explanation, but basically the admins of the project are all brilliant singers, and due to the now-professional state of the project, they stepped in and rightfully took many of the available roles. They need the best possible voices. I'm just honored that they thought I was good enough to be in it AT ALL. *______*]


(If you don't know Phoenix Wright this may not make as much sense)

I made callbacks for the recasting of the Phoenix Wright Musical Project!

I'm to be considered for Penny Nichols (which was what I'd originally auditioned for), Cody Hackins (wut), young Phoenix, young Miles, and young Larry (for the class trial scene).

I-I hope I get a part! That would be amazing~

And now I have to record four whole songs (if not more) and one individual singing line, and then script lines once they're posted.

Wish me luuuck~